Things to Know Before Applying for Australian Sub Class Visa 190

Every year, many people dream of moving to the beautiful continent of Australia. While not everyone who dream can make it to Australia, some do try hard. The hardest part is to get their visa approval. Australia has a standard immigration process. This program is called as General Skilled Migration Program. It has various sub classes of visas. Among them, the Australia Sub Class 190 is for skilled migrant’s intake. It is also known as also known as Australia Nominated Visa Subclass 190.

To apply for the also known as Australia sub class 190, you have to have the following eligibility –

  • You should score at least 60 out of 100 points on Australia’s point assessment grid.
  • You must be in a job profile that is in demand in the state or territory you wish to get a nomination or sponsorship from. Because, if you do not have nomination, you will be not able to apply for this particular visa.

If you do not meet even one requirement among the two, you will be considered ineligible for the sub-class of Australian Permanent Residency Visa.

How much should you score to get a nomination?

Because this particular visa calls for either a nomination or a sponsorship from either a state or a territory in Australia, you must score well, very well. Do not set a particular higher limit because you tend to score less. It is good if you score the best you can. If you get good scores, the chances of you impressing the states/territories and getting nomination increases.

Coming to the immigration score, it is a sum total of many factors. While some of it can be improved, others you cannot do anything about. The factors are age, profession, education, etc. the factors which you can improve are your English and IELTS scores. Try to master these factors to score high and get the visa. If you have an upper hand in these fields, your total score will increase leading to the acceptance for visa. When the results are announced, go to their respective website and click on Calculate my score to get your scores.

Usually, you will have at least two months of time from the day you get invitation to file a petition for the visa to the day of submission of your online petitions. Be patient through the 190 visa processing time. You can be both inside and outside the territorial jurisdictions of the country while you are filing your petitions.

There is one more important thing that you must know. There is a standard rule of sponsoring state which says that you must spend at least 2 years in that particular state or territory once you get the visa. You are not supposed to move to live or work anywhere other than the region. So, keep in mind the fact that you must stick to the place for two years once you begin to live there. Hence, be very sure of your move.

Furnish all the necessary documents, be prepared and score well to sail through the process.

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