tourist visa from India to Canada

Tips For Indians To Get Canada Tourist Visa

Are you an Indian? Do you want to apply for a Canada tourist visa from India? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, you are going to collect information regarding the tourist visa of the Canada to be applied from India. The visa prerequisites for Indian people applying for a Canadian tourist visa are very simple. The process is aided by VFS in most of the parts of the Indi. Get ready to go through the below-mentioned tips that will help you in applying for a tourist visa from India to Canada:

Forms and fee

You can download the forms and know the document checklist from the official website of the VFS Canada. When it comes to the fee, the Canada visa is made available at the price of INR 4000 for a single-entry visa and INR 8000 for a multiple-entry visa. You can easily fill the tourist visa form by proceeding with the right instructions and steps. After filling the form and validating it, you should print two copies, mention the date and sign them.

Accommodation and flight bookings

It is always risky to make the bookings of the accommodation and flight because there is a need of hefty amount of money to do it. But there are some online travel websites, which offer full refund when you are cancelling the tickets. By doing so, you can have an option to show that you have sufficient money or the limit of the credit to support your trip.

Cover letter and supporting documents

Once you are ensured about the documents that you have arranged in the order according to the VFS Canada site, then you should proceed with writing a brief cover letter that summarizes your application. A cover letter includes a number of things like the reason to visit the Canada, do you have a letter of the invitation, and how do you intend to cover the expenses of the trip, the past history, and many others.

Select the multiple entry visa option

Getting a multiple entry visa is an ideal thing to get. Having this visa will benefit you in many ways. Visa on arrival has also benefits. A multiple entry visa can add the credibility to your passport while applying for other visa options.

The next step you need to take is to apply the tourist visa Canada for IndianĀ people at the VFS center. In any case, if there is no VFS center, then you might have to go to a travel agent or send the documents via courier option. Moreover, it is good to reach the VFS Canada helpline to confirm the receiving of the documents along with the application.

By proceeding with these steps, you can easily get an approval for a Canadian tourist visa from India. In any case, if you have a hard time in applying for this visa, you can use the services of a travel agent, which seems to be professionals in this sector and really help you in getting the visa approval at any cost.

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