Top Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

Canada has a multicultural society and relies heavily on immigration. The aging population of Canada makes it imminent for them to open up their gates for immigrants from other countries. According to a research, it was found that Canadians above the age of 65 years comprise 16.1% of Canada’s total population and compared to this the population of under 15s is considerably low. This has created a void that must be filled with the help of immigration.


Major problems pertaining to aging population are:

  • Huge burden on the economy
  • Less workers in the workforce
  • More expenditure on pension and healthcare
  • More taxes for the current workforce

The aging population of Canada has become a ‘ticking time bomb’ and it needs your help to diffuse it. It is not only Canada but also you who will benefit from immigrating to the country that houses the iconic Niagara Falls.

Canada’s Economy


Canada has a strong and industrialized economy with a total GDP of $1.62 trillion. Canada is the second largest country in the world and makes most of the money from exports to the United States. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has lead to a boom in the economy of Canada. The oil found in Alberta is nothing less than a benediction for its citizens. This oil reserve is the third largest in the world and is estimated be commensurate to 173 billion barrels of oil.


Inflation is one of the major economic problems that Canada has in check. The Maple leaf country promotes business as much as it can. The labour market norms are flexible and aim to protect the employee as well as possible. The government has also set up social welfare and healthcare programs that can be availed by permanent residents and citizens. This is something that is made sure by the National health insurance system.


Canada’s Culture


With the appointment of Justin Trudeau as the Prime Minister, Canada has shown the whole world its shift towards liberalism. Trudeau in turn has made policies that will benefit each citizen including the minorities. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has added Hijab to their official uniform depicting the liberal policies in Canada. Trudeau has also incorporated equal number of men and women in his cabinet making the most gender diversified cabinet in the whole world.


Canada hardly witnesses any Cataclysm and houses some of the most hospitable citizens. This has even been depicted in television series like – how I met your Mother. Canada is multicultural and invites people from all across the globe. The sporting culture of Canada is corroborated by the 25 medals they won in the 2014 winter Olympics. English and French serve as the two official languages of Canada.



Canada houses some of the best schools and universities in the world. The country also provides a right to education to its Citizens and permanent residents. Thousands of international students migrate every year to continue their edification in one of the top notch institutes in Canada, This means that you are not the only one who is thinking of migrating to Canada for education.



Canada is also a great travel destination and can provide a great bang for every buck you put into your travel. The iconic Niagara Falls is one of the most alluring sites to witness. Canada has spots for people travelling in solitude or in a group.


Vancouver houses the hockey team Vancouver Canucks and is filled with places that can provide you an exotic wining and dining experience. The SkyTrain enables travelers  to soak in the majestic view of Canadian cities from quite a height. Some urban cities even have a bucolic setting due to the type of architecture. There are other great spots that you can visit like Quebec, Granville islands and so on.


Ease of Immigration

Just to reiterate my point, Canada needs immigrants and that is why the immigration process focuses on young and skilled workers. This is quite apposite as skilled workers will be able to contribute a lot to the economy of Canada. Canada does not just make it easy for you to migrate but for your family as well.


There are a number of initiatives taken up by the Government of Canada to make the immigration process as lucid as possible. This has been depicted by their Express Entry program. Before the inception of this program, skilled workers had to apply under one of the following:

  • Federal Skilled Worker : for skilled workers
  • Federal Skilled Trades: for people with trades like carpentry, gardening and so on.
  • Canadian Experience Class: for skilled workers or trades already residing in Canada.

All of the above have been grouped under the aegis of Express Entry to facilitate immigration. Apart from all this, there are a variety of provincial nominee programs that can be availed by immigrants.

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