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What are the toughness levels of Canada visa interview?

A confirmation interview was earlier the precursor, to you getting this visa. This interview was critical for you to get selected.

However, the confirmation interview does not happen anymore, it has been abolished. However, the Canadian government is now planning to introduce the submission of fingerprints and photographs of a person from December 31st of this year for candidates belonging to Asia. The submission of these photo scan and biometrics will happen after you provide all your documents while you provide your PR application after receiving the ITA.

The candidate once he has received his Conformation of permanent residence letter (CoPR), can then go to Canada. He has to, however, announce that he has reached Canada by providing a verification of his fingerprints through kiosks installed at Canadian airports.

What Happens When You Get The CoPR after providing all your documents?

Once you get the CoPR, your PR is final. The short interview happens at the time of your entry in Canada made through the CoPR document.

During this interview, you will be asked about your address where you will receive the PR card. The officer will make sure that you have adequate funds which are required as a part of your stay in Canada. These funds can be shown through the bank statements of either the Canadian or the Indian bank account where such funds are present.

The officer is from the Canada Border and Services Agency and checks whether you have the correct passport and whether are carrying funds more than 10,000 CAD. If there are more funds than this amount, please be prepared to inform the officer about whatever amount you are carrying. If the amount is more than 10,000 CAD and this officer at the Port Of Entry, is not informed, you can be fined.

The candidate can also be carrying larger than 10,000 CAD in the form of cheques or stocks also at the time of entering here which have to be shown.

You can also be asked to provide answers to specific questions, like your date of birth about which you provided information at the time you created the specific PR application.

When to enter Canada?

It’s important to get the entry into the country of Canada before this CoPR has no validity anymore. You can check the expiry date of this document, at the time when you receive it.

If the candidate provides some false information which does not match with the information he gave at the time of application, he can be refused entry into this country.

What to do when you are outside Canada?

If you are already residing in Canada, and have received the CoPR you have to either spare some time for going to the Port Of Entry to this country. Show, your CoPR document and also make sure that you have bank statements to show that you have money in a Canadian or Indian bank account equivalent to 12,475 CAD.

Again, you will be asked for your mailing address where your PR card will be sent. If you have plans to shift during the 6 months, after you re-enter Canada, you have to let the authorities know about your new address through your online Express Entry profile only.

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