transit visa subclass 771 Australia

Transit Visa for Australia (subclass-771)

The subclass 771- transit visa for Australia allows the applicants and their dependent family relatives or members to transfer to Australia for not more than 72 hours.

Eligibility Required for Transit Visa

Applicants are eligible to apply for this visa only if

  • They would like to come to Australia to go to another country for that
  • Applicants and their family members should hold a verified further booking to the other country and the validated further booking is within 72 hours of the applicant’s planned arrival in Australia
  • Applicants should hold right credentials to go in the third country.
  • They go through Australia for the reason of travelling to unite a ship as a member of the ship crew. But for that
  • Applicant and his/her family members should have applicable passports to be approved this visa.
  • You must produce tickets or documents establishing arrangements for travel to a destination outside Australia.
  • Applicant need to embrace an applicable Maritime Crew Visa (subclass 988).
  • Applicant requires acquiring suitable travel documentations for instance a seafarer’s identity certificate.
  • Applicant requires holding a report from the ship’s local handling/shipping agent.
  • They should meet all required health and character necessities.

Requirements for the Transit Visa Subclass 771

Applicants are considered being eligible if they meet the following requirements

  • The applicants and their family members should have valid passports.
  • Applicant must have generated tickets along with other documents ascertaining preparations for travel to a place outside Australia.
  • Applicants should have excellent moral conduct.
  • Applicants do not have any amount outstanding to the Australian government and if any then they should have prearranged to pay for the same.

Required Medical Insurance

Applicants are solely responsible for the entire health costs during their stay in Australia. Applicants will not be covered by national health scheme of Australia, i.e. Medicare except applicant’s country has a mutual health care accord with Australia. If applicant’s country doesn’t have a mutual health care accord with Australia, then it is necessary that they should ensure that their insurance will offer at least the stage of coverage requisite for the reason of their stay. Health insurer of the applicant can either be in their home country or in Australia. Their insurance ought to cover them and their family members who are included in the visa application.

Privileges of the Visa

  • Allows you to transit through Australia
  • Allows you to enter and stay in Australia for no longer than 72 hours.

This visa does not allow you to work in Australia and the visa is valid for only 72 hours after your scheduled arrival in Australia. An added Transit visa can’t be approved while you are staying in Australia.

Visa Charges

There is no application charge for transit visa subclass 771 Australia, but you might have to pay other additional charges for the health examination and police verification charges, or else any further tests and certificates. Keep in mind that you are liable for making the required arrangements.

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