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What type of Visa to Go to Canada if Groomworking in Canada? How to be with your Spouse if he/she is Employed in Canada?

It’s problematic to get to your spouse to Canada, once he/she is there. To get a PR to be with your wife/husband who’s employed in Canada on a PR, you need a spouse visa. The fee for such kind of spouse visa is only 1040 CAD. It requires procedural formalities both on the part of the sponsor and the sponsored to get this visa. The Canadian government has prepared some conditions for such spouse visa to be provided:

Rules/Norms for the spouse visa

  • The sponsor or the spouse, who is in Canada, should know that he will be obliged to take care of the fundamental expenses of the non-Canadian spouse. For this purpose, the Canadian government expects the spouse to have some essential income levels.

These income levels are modified by the government every year. The responsibility of the sponsor lies in getting the approval for his spouse to come and live in Canada.  All the information about the income levels should be at least 12 months old. Now to prove sufficient income levels for last 1 year, anyone should know that the sponsor should have a notice of assessment for the last 12 months. The candidate if he has been doing some business for the last 12 months, can also sponsor someone, provided he/she has a personal business income and reported that to CRA, Canadian revenue agency.

The sponsor needs to add all his financial data in the Financial Evaluation Form.  As a sponsor, you are relieved to uphold your obligation towards the sponsored after 3 years after he/she has approached and gained PR of Canada due to your sponsorship.

  • Your sponsor should already have attained the permanent residency of this country.
  • The sponsor who is residing in Canada has to get consent for the sponsorship of the spouse.
  • The sponsor/sponsored should provide all sorts of specific information about the spouse he is inviting to Canada. He should include even the most minute of details about the family members even if they are not planning to be in Canada with him, and of course, the sponsored, who will be coming to Canada.
  • If the sponsor has done some financial sponsorship for someone to come to Canada, make sure that you also reveal it.

After getting the consent for the sponsorship, all these documents about the family details are then sent to the visa office in India by the sponsored.

You should make sure that the visa application is properly filed at the right time, because, a delay of 1 year is needed before the application gets approved.

When you can’t be a sponsor?

  • If the sponsor was not able to fulfill his responsibilities for any sponsored on a previous occasion, he can’t be a sponsor again.
  • Also, even if was granted the permission for sponsorship, he was unable to, meet his sponsorship responsibilities and defaulted.
  • He undertook assistance from the government for the financial expenditures of the sponsored.
  • He was jailed due to his conviction for a certain crime.

You gain eligibility to stay, work, and study for a very long time in Canada, on a spouse visa. However, if you just want to be in Canada for 10 years, to be with your spouse you can get a temporary resident visa.  You can get a renewal for it just after every 180 days. So, if you are an adult and married and wish to sponsor your partner for coming to Canada, apply as soon as possible through us.

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