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What to do if I am a US Citizen and Married Someone who has a US Student Visa?

Once you are in the US on an F1 visa(student visa) and get married to a US PR holder, then you become appropriate for the grant of a green card.

So, a form has to be filled up for “modification of your visa status”. However, some conditions are obligatory for the grant of the green card.

  • The marriage must be a real relationship and not shown for getting a PR status.
  • The marriage must have happened when the US PR owner spouse has filed this “modification of change of status” form.

This form for the “modification of status”, of an F1 visa holder includes details about how he came into the US, when did he come to the US and what is the country of my citizenship. Apart from all these details, other details have to be added to this form, include the date of departure as indicated on the I-94 document.

How to get the “green card petition “approved in Canada?

The student visa holder has to fill both the forms for his “green card petition” and “modification of visa status” to get the status changed from an F1 nonimmigrant to an immigrant. He has to fill the form for the “green card petition” first and then the form for the” modification of status”

 When the candidate has done a right filing of the “green card petition” form, he gets the Receipt Notice from the authority of USCIS. In case, the candidate has not taken the help from the immigration counselor, and there are some flaws in the “green card petition” filed by him, he gets the Request for Evidence from USCIS, requesting more documents. In case, there are many flaws in the “green card petition “form, the USCIS will reject it altogether and you will be conveyed this through a “Notice of Action”. Whenever there is a need for the filing of documents or the filed petition has many flaws, there is the late arrival of a green card. So, it’s better to get the immigration attorney and his advice before filing such a “green card petition”.

The student visa holder in the US can also get an “employment authorization” form filed for himself along with the “adjustment/modification of status”. So, with this form, working in the US becomes easy.

The student visa holder candidate should also know, that at the time of filing the “adjustment of status” form you should be in the US.

Processing time for I-485 visa

The processing time for the I-485 visa is approximately more than 1 year including an interview at the end. The candidate can’t, however, go outside the US during this time of processing. You after this green card approval get a conditional PR which is valid for a period of two years.

However, after 2 years, you are eligible to get the PR of this country(validity of 10 years)

Travel documents for someone who gets the “green card”

In case, you get the green card you should know, that you cant travel for a duration of more than 1 year with this card. It’s better to take a reentry permit before leaving the US for such a long duration. Applying for the reentry permit also requires the candidate to provide his biometrics. Once you have such a permit, you can get back into the US without thinking about whether you can have a longer than a 1-year trip abroad.

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