The Various Steps Involved in the Process of Migration to Canada

Once you apply Citizenship and Immigration to Canada (CIC), Canadian embassy will verify if you have the following things:

  • PR form is filled out correctly
  • Processing fees is paid
  • You meet the language and education requirements as applicable
  • All documents are attached with your application

If you furnish anything that is not true, you might face the following consequences:

  • Your application could be rejected
  • You will be debarred from applying for Canadian visa for a period of five years
  • You could also be declared inadmissible

Once you submit your application through express entry or a paper application; you will get an acknowledgment receipt confirming that your application was forwarded to CIC successfully.

You must have undergone a medical test if you applied through express entry visa. One could possibly think how much time it takes after medical for Canada immigration. Well, the answer to this question could be ambiguous. The time duration in which your visa will be cleared depends on a lot of factors. Let’s see some of the case;

  • It depends on whether you have applied through paper-based application or express entry; secondly it also depends on which visa office is processing your application.

In order to avoid delays you must:

  • Let the embassy know if there are any changes to your personal information
  • Do not contact the embassy multiple times for the same issue

Your application can be delayed if:

  • There are any criminal security issues with your profile and the embassy needs to perform more background checks
  • There is some confusion in your family situation- like divorce or any child adoption that is not yet completed or other issues that have not been completed so far
  • A visa office has to contact some embassy offices in Canada to obtain information about you and verify the information you furnish

You have to undergo a medical test before applying for the visa. You family members must also accompany you even if they are not leaving with you.

Your application may be rejected if your health could cause danger to the safety of the citizens of Canada or if your health requires a lot of attention from the social or health services of Canada.

You must also submit police certificates certifying that there is no criminal charge, and you have not been charge sheeted in India before. Police certificates for all members of the family who are above 18 should be obtained too even if they are not travelling with you.

Once all of this completed the embassy will take decision on your candidature based on:

  • If you meet all the eligibility criteria for the program you are applying
  • You have submitted valid proofs supporting your financials, and your capacity to secure your medical and living expenses
  • Your health is not a threat to the citizens of Canada
  • You have submitted all the information needed by the embassy

Within a span of four to six months, you should hear from the embassy. Once your visa is cleared, you can start preparing for departure and plan your work and stay in Canada.

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