Immigration To Australia From India

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Being an Indian if you are aspiring to settle in a foreign country, Australia would be one of the ideal destinations. The Kangaroo Land is considered to be placed comfortably, especially for Indian immigrants.

Immigration to Australia from India would be convenient because the two countries share quite a strong, cordial relationship. Australia and India, both are democratic and liberal even at times of solving disputes, and try their best at resolving issues peacefully. Some reports state that India-born Australians have tripled in the last decade which accounts for about 1 million Indians in a population of 24 million Australians. It is a surprise to everyone that an Indian language like Punjabi is one of the fast growing languages in the Australian soil.

If looking through the skilled workers and economic perspective, Australia is referred as one of the most welcoming and developed countries, but with a serious lack of trained manpower. India is not only a fast growing nation, but also a source of ambitious skilled workers in large numbers. Australia appreciates such talented individuals.

Most people assume that immigration to Australia from India is not very complicated. What most fail to understand is that it totally depends on the type of visa category you are choosing to apply through, and also how accurately you have been following the application processing guidelines. Being a fresh candidate can be an extremely tough challenge in that case.

Candidates having an in-demand educational degree, skills, and experience can be an asset to the nation and may find it significantly easier to migrate to Australia. This does not make immigration an impossible task for the inexperienced candidates. This is where an immigration consultant comes to the rescue.

Immigration consultants in India are quite experienced and have tremendous knowledge about Australian immigration. With the information that you provide, they will first evaluate every aspect of it. The process is complicated and keeps changing, which requires being up-to-date with the specific laws at place. Such intricate information is not always available to candidates, which is why immigration consultants have your back.

Australian Immigration from India

Immi Account has made managing the visa application quite easy for the candidates. After a specific visa stream is chosen, you will be allowed to create your online Immi Account. With this account, you can apply for a permanent or temporary visa, or even check the visa status. You can check the processing of the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) too.

The points system requires a minimum score of 60 depending on factors like language, work experience, age, qualification, etc.

You need to file all the necessary documents in the given order and submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) in the Skill Select online. The points you receive will determine if you are eligible, after which you will receive a nomination certification.

Visa Agents for Consultation

You will get all the information from your visa agent. If you want your immigration process to be hassle-free and successful, you will require guidance and assistance from an immigration consultant. Nile Migration is one of the leading Australian immigration consultants in India. If you have any queries, you can email us at [email protected].

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