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Which visa is easy to get-189 or 190 visa?

 “Australians have a free spirit and an ability to think out of the box” Brian Schmidt

So many people want to live in Australia, which is the land to have initiated so many hopes into desires and then into realities. Australia makes sure that the citizens get the life of their desires through the 189 and 190 visas. Simply defining, a visa is a mandatory travel document that allows you to be for some time or forever in a different country. Now, Australians have introduced two documents which are allowing you to stay here for a long time as in forever.

The time required for processing of both of these visas depends on so many things:

  • The candidates who have filed the PR application simultaneously as you
  • The requirements of the required immigration visa understood and fulfilled by the candidate
  • The score of the candidate which can increase his eligibility

Procedure for the 189 and 190 visa

Initiate with an expression of interest

As a part of the visa filing process, you need to start by making the necessary Expression Of Interest profile which contains everything about you.

Now, apart from making this profile, the Australian government also needs some validations from you. These validations should be regarding your knowledge of the English language and your skills. For the validation in the English language, the score of IELTS is included. However, for the validation in, the skills, a skill assessment report is the recognized document.

The candidate needs to file the relevant, Expression Of Interest, for the relevant state in which he is interested in the 190 visa.

 Getting bestowed with the invitation

The process gets short once the invitation is given to the candidate from the concerned state in case he has filed a 190 visa. After this invitation, he gets the DHA invite.

When the 189 visa is approved, Department of home affairs sends you the invite.

Eligibility criteria exist for states

Every state requires candidates that have either recognized the international or Australian experience, or education. Australian states also give preference to those who have a relative living here. All these factors such as education, employment or experience in Australian states are considered important because all of them facilitate living here, for an immigrant.

Australian states welcome people because they recognize how strategic labor is for their development. So, every year, an Australian state releases occupations for which it needs manpower. When you meet consultants who are in sync with such changes, this is an inevitable help in the process. Such occupations can help you to get a straight entry into a state. Since the 190 visa only aims at getting immigration of a  single state, the time is lower than 190 visas. Only 5-6 months are needed.

Services offered by Nile Migration:

  • You can get immediate help from our consultants by just a call. On phone itself, we let you know about your applicability for Australia PR.
  • Our immigration consultants then call you once you are eligible.
  • And on your approval, initiate the procedure
  • Suggest an ANZSCO occupation and upload the recent EOI.

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