PR in Canada

Want To Enjoy Amazing Benefits Overseas? Get A Permanent Resident Visa In Canada!

Canada is a country where there is no dearth of opportunities. New schemes are introduced to simply the process for acquiring Canada PR. This guide talks about the benefits of Canada PR and procedure to acquire it. Before we delve further, you should know that thousands of people apply for Canadian PR.

When you acquire PR in Canada, you will enjoy many benefits equivalent to Canadian citizenship. Though, some exceptions are bound to be there. Let us talk more the overall benefits and procedure for acquiring Canadian PR.

What is PR in Canada?

Permanent residence of Canada implies that a person will get access to all the rights granted to Canadian citizens. People with PR in Canada can stay there for an indefinite period of time. The procedure to apply for Canadian PR is simple where a foreign national applies to IRCC. More details can be found from the sections stated below.

Benefits of having PR in Canada

Acquiring permanent residents in Canada has various benefits. You can look forward for the rights and responsibilities offered to Canada PR. Rights given to Canadian PR is same as that of citizens but with few exceptions. The following benefits are obtained by Canada PR:

  • Social benefits
  • Protection offered under the Canadian Charter
  • Employment benefits which includes the insurance provided
  • Canada pension plan

After spending four years as Canadian PR, the person can also apply for Canadian citizenship. There are some restrictions for Canadian PR which include the following:

  • Passport cannot be held by the citizen
  • You cannot run for elected office
  • You cannot vote in federal elections
  • You will be excluded from holding high-level security jobs

Procedure for acquiring the Canada PR

To acquire Canadian PR, you can look forward for this section which talks about the procedure. You need following documents to apply for Canadian PR:

  • Additional fee
  • ECA
  • Original copies of all of your documents
  • Sufficient fund’s proof with which you can support the application
  • Test you have taken for skill assessment

You can acquire Canadian PR through the following ways:

  • Start-up visa
  • Sponsorship programs
  • Skilled immigrants program which is given through Express Entry
  • Self-employed persons program
  • Quebec skilled workers program or QSWP
  • Provincial Nominee Program or PNP

Different procedures are stated under the above stated ways for acquiring Canadian PR. But the most preferred mode is ERS or Express Entry System.

Check out the steps below required for acquiring Canadian PR through ERS:

  • You can create express entry profile
  • Candidates with high ranks will be invited to apply for PR

The above procedures are required for acquiring the PR for Canada. Therefore look forward for this guide which helps you in finding the right way out. Living overseas has various benefits which include better standards of living. You can even get Canadian citizenship after spending specific duration in the country.


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