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Ways to get the Canada PR visa from India

Canada immigration has been happening quite quickly right now. That’s the reason, so many immigrants are eager to get here now.

It is better to consult an immigration consultant for this process so that no errors happen. There are benefits of hiring an immigration consultant because they are very well aware of the process. They make sure that your immigration application is processed too easily and quickly. So, you don’t have to undergo any difficulties in getting your immigration application approved. There are many ways of getting Canada immigration:

  • Express entry: This system allows candidates to be selected by the different provinces. Provinces search for the pool of candidates for the requirements sought by them. 
  • Provincial nominee programs: In this case, the candidate has to apply to the designated provincial nominee program. You need the help of an immigration consultant to know which PNPs are open at what time so that you can apply to them in time. For example, Ontario has many PNP streams such as the Entrepreneur stream. This stream has the Corporate Stream and the Entrepreneur stream. 

As per the Corporate stream, you have to apply on the OINP efiling website on opening a branch of the international business in Ontario. 

  • This international business which wants to come to Ontario must have been in operation for the last 3 years. 
  • There must be a relation between the international business and the business to be started in Ontario, it could be a branch of the same. 
  • So, for setting up the branch in Ontario, you must be willing to invest a huge amount of 5 million Canadian dollars. 
  • Initially, a business plan must be submitted for expanding the proposed business into Ontario. 

Temporary work permits are granted to 5 workers if the business plan is approved. If the business is able to employ 5 Canadian citizens for every worker they get into Canada within 20 months, these 5 workers are given the nod to apply for permanent residence.  4 Out of the 5 workers who are going to come to Canada must be given employment in NOC code 0 and the rest 1 can be in NOC code A.

  • There is a 3,500 application fee for each worker. 
  • For a complete assessment, attending an interview in Toronto is compulsory. 

Entrepreneur Stream 

On April 5, Ontario sent invites to 22 candidates as per the Entrepreneur Stream. For this stream also,  application has to be done through the OINP efiling portal and an expression of interest. This stream has the requirement that the investor must have 1,500,000 Canadian dollars of net worth. This requirement is mandatory to start a new business in Canada. However, if you want to start a new business, not in the greater Toronto area, then the net worth must be 8,00,000 Canadian dollars. 1 million of investment is needed if the business has to be set up in Greater Toronto area. .5 million investment is needed if the investment is outside the Greater Toronto Area.

Nile Migration guides you on how to get the Canada PR visa from India

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