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Well, Living in Countries such as Vancouver and Dubai is an Experience in Itself.

In Canada, you don’t have to pay the high costs of school education whereas the same isn’t true for Dubai.

No taxes: The concerned candidate should know that the country of Dubai does not have taxes imposed. Apart from that, Canada has taxes imposed on residents. In 2017 in Canada, the Federal Tax rate in Canada, in 2017 was 26%. The candidate therefore due to nonpayments of taxes finds it quite advantageous to live in Dubai.

Cost of schooling and housing: in Canada, you can start sending your kid to school for free from the age he turns 5. However, after secondary school, costs are imposed in Canada for college and post-graduate education. As compared to that, in Dubai, the costs of education are high. The costs of the education vary between schools and can be as much as 675 USD to as high as 35,394 per annum for the poshest schools. The school fees have different ranges because of the curriculum taught by them. The costs are high in those schools which teach either the UK or, IB or US curriculum. Indian curriculum is also taught in Dubai based schools and they don’t charge huge fees. Once you are employed in Dubai, many benefits accrue to you which include payment of your child’s school expenses by the employer. They also provide you with mandatory health insurance. Due to the implementation of Medicare, health care costs in Canada are low because everything is covered. Again such a benefit is available due to the payment of taxes.

In Canada, the costs of groceries are also higher than in Dubai.

Lack of PR: In Dubai, the candidate never gets a PR. So, as soon as your employment gets over in this country, the PR of this country ends and the candidate has to come back to his home country. However, this is not the case with Canada whereas you don’t lose the PR upon losing the job. You get unemployment benefits for a certain time after becoming unemployed.

Apart from the PR, the Canada government awards someone with the citizenship after 3 years if you have lived here on a PR with Express entry. This duration to get citizenship after PR is much more(5 years) once your PR was attained with a PNP.

In Dubai, citizenship is never awarded. In Dubai apparently, petrol is cheaper as compared to Canada because there is no lack of it in the former country. so, travel costs in Dubai are low.

Dubai has a conservative environment which does not exist for Canada. So, in Dubai, you have to follow some kind of rules and regulations. So, living in Dubai depends on which kind of country you have come from, whether it has a conservative or liberal environment.

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