EB5 investor visa

What Is Exactly the Eb-5 Program About and Who Benefits?

The US is one of the most desirable immigration destinations for candidates these days. The US government makes sure that the investors get plenty of benefits when they choose this country over others.  For example, an investor putting his money in the country under an EB5 investor visa program can get to stay here on a temporary green card for two years with his family. Isn’t it amazing? Apart from, he can then get the PR of US, after 22 months only.

The country of US just requires an investment of 1 million dollars as per the EB5 visa from an investor to be granted PR. However, this kind of investment is not mandatory can the amount can be as low as 0.5 million dollars also, in areas which need investment and employment known as “targeted employment areas”. An investor gets the following list of benefits from this program:

  • The investor and his spouse can opt to reside with their family in all the states of US.
  • The investor can enroll his kids in the schools and university of this country especially the government-owned ones which actually charge low tuition fees.
  • The EB5 visa does not require sponsorship for permanent residency. So, after two years of getting a conditional green card, if the investment is still beneficial to the US economy, the candidate and his family get a PR. The kind of benefits that can accrue from the investment should be an addition of extra 10 jobs by the enterprise.
  • One of the most distinguishing features of the EB5 program is it’s not crucial to handle the affairs of the business. This happens when the investor decides to make an investment through the regional centers which make him just a limited liability partner. In that case, he is free to pursue employment in any corner of the country. The investor and spouse can work anywhere in the country of US, without the need for any H1B visa.
  • The reason why most of the investors prefer regional center to get an EB5 visa is that all the hassles of the business are undertaken by the center. Going through the regional center route expedites the process of getting the investor visa. All then an investor visa aspirant needs to show is the sources from where he will get the investment and all his records of taxes from the native country.

In case of regional center investment route is that the investor can only offer investments in cash, not in terms of assets etc.

  • It’s also easier to show a higher number of jobs, more than the mandatory requirement of 10, when the regional centers are handling your investment. Its because apart from the higher number of jobs in the enterprise, jobs are also created when the newly created enterprise pushes the business of existing enterprises.
  • The US government does not extend the stay of the EB5 investor in the country if the business fails to generate its share of employment till the two year period. in that, case, the investor and his family lose their provisional green card status.

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