Canada PR

What is living in Canada all about?

Canada PR has been so popular among all the eager immigrants. Its because Canada offers so much better-living conditions than India.

The candidate gets the PR card once he is in Canada. This card is given to him within 6 months of getting there.  Anyone who gets the Canada PR becomes part of so many facilities which are as follows:

Medicare: This is a facility which involves that the candidate gets low-cost health care. This way he can save so much money spent on his health care.

Friendly educational environment: Canada also has a low-cost education which is quite advantageous. You can opt for public education of your kid in Canada which is quite cheap. Even university education is offered at subsidized rates to PR holders in this country. Therefore it’s beneficial to get the PR of Canada.

In schools, a positive environment is provided to the kids of immigrants in Canada. This makes sure that they are able to converse in English quite easily. Since the size of the classes is quite small in public schools children are able to pick knowledge easily.

In fact, PISA(Program for International Assessment) has proved, that children of immigrants don’t take much time in imbibing skills and becoming equivalent to the kids of non-immigrants. It just takes 3 years for them to be at par with kids of Canadians. 30% of the children in Canada are immigrants or have parents who are immigrants.

The nice educational environment in Canada is also due to the fact, that Canadians have a different attitude towards immigrants as compared to the US. The kids of immigrants to Canada have the option of also retaining the skills of their home country language. This way their culture is also protected while they are in Canada. In  Toronto, the immigrants who have enrolled their kids in schools are encouraged to talk about the culture at the school.  That’s how immigrants are encouraged to maintain their pride in who they are.

Canada immigration is available through Express Entry. The candidates have to apply online for them to be selected for immigration as per Express Entry. This system requires candidates to have 440 points. When they don’t have these many points, they can’t qualify for immigration as of now. These points are awarded to those who are educated and have some experience in their home country. Canada needs immigrants to fuel further growth because its population is only 3.7 crores. With only this much population, immigrants have the best of opportunities available in this country.

Apart from granting immigration, immigrants are also given a chance to get jobs through this system. They can get so many employment opportunities when their resumes become a part of the Job Bank. This happens because anyone can register with the resume in job Bank after registering for Express Entry. Candidates who have education in this country are also eligible for Canadian PR. With this education, their chances of getting the Canadian pr are better. Get Canadian PR with someone who has professional experience.

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