Australia Tourist Visa

What is so special about Australia?

Australia is a paradise for an adventurer. It’s true that this country provides you with many amazing adventures and sights. The various reasons why you should visit Australia on an Australia tourist visa are:

Great Barrier Reef

Coral reef in Australia is called the biggest coral reef in the world. There are 2,900 coral reefs in this amazing landscape.

Blue Mountains National Park

This place is a UNESCO world heritage site and is near to Sydney. The park derives its name from the eucalyptus and the blue haze generated by them. There is so much in this park consisting of gorges and rare wildlife species. There is also the landscape of Three Sisters located here which is a rock formation. You can opt for activities like rock climbing and hiking on this island. Riding on horseback is also available.

Australian food

Fish and chips

There is also great food to gorge in this country. This food consists of fish and chips which are given with lemon juice. This is the food to have after your scuba diving session is over.


This is the Australian version of a cake. It’s a meringue, not a cake. It consists of whipped cream and has toppings in the form of kiwifruit and berries. Its one of the most desirable foods in the world.

Chicken Parmigiana

This Australian food consists of chicken schnitzel which is served with tomato sauce and cheese. The schnitzel consists of tenderized meat which is then fried after wrapping it in flour or beaten eggs. The dish also has chips and salad as additions and is served with noodles. Earlier the dish had eggplant instead of chicken, its vegetarian version still uses eggplant. You can find this dish in every pub in Australia that you might visit.

Australia tourist visa is available when you have the proper requirements. This includes the documents like the birth certificate and the travel itinerary. Anyone who is traveling to this country after getting the tourist visa should also announce whatever currency is with him. This currency should not be more than 10,000 AUD. If equal or more, it should be immediately declared at the airport.

This Australia tourist visa from India can also be used for the purpose of visiting this country for business reasons. If you have a client in Australia, whom you want to consult, then this is the visa.

140 AUD is the cost of this Australia tourist visa from India. The applications for this visa are processed quite quickly and you don’t have to wait for a time period of more than 31 days in case if you have opted for the tourist stream of this visa. At least, that’s what the Australian website claims. Upon your entry to Australia, you are given a passenger card where you need to enter all the information about yourself. This passenger card lets the Australian government know that the health of the passenger is apt. This Australia tourist visa has a time duration of 6 months after which you are supposed to leave the country.


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