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What Is the Current Processing Time for a Pr Visa for an Australian Subclass 190 in 2018

The australian visa subclass 190 is the PR visa for Australia. In 2018, the candidates will have to wait for atleast 4-7 months before they get the results of this visa. If thinking of applying for this visa, the candidates need to be aware about the requirement of various Australian states and territories.

The most important requirement for this visa is that you should have an occupation which is on the Combined List Of Eligible Skilled Occupations with the code 190. Apart from that, you should have an eligible point score of 60. This score is for those candidates who have the right age, education and work experience.  The process of application for the australian visa subclass 190 is the same as the 189 visa. The candidates should provide information about their total point score included in the Australia EOI expression of interest submitted to the agency of Skillselect. The expression of interest is the most important document in this regard due to which the state agencies will get to know whether you are suitable for nomination for immigration or not.

Once the invitation is received by you, you have a time period of two months before you can make an application for this visa. This visa is given for a period of 5 years whilst which an Australian PR holder can come and go out of the country as many times as you want.

Age-This is the principal factor in deciding whether you are suitable for this visa or not. If you are above 45 years of age you can’t immigrate to Australia on this visa.

Level of knowledge of English

This is also another important factor which is seen by the Australian government in deciding whether you are eligible enough to hold an Australian PR or not. It’s actually true that an IELTS score of 7 overall is eligible to get a letter of invitation from the Australian government. Accordingly, some of the states, have a similar requirement of IELTS for some of the professions included in the nominateed occupation list released by them from time to time.

Work experience

This is also important to get points for Australian PR. You can check the combined list of eligible skilled occupations and find whether your profile is listed there with the code of 190. If it is, then it must be in the Nominated occupation lists of one of the states and you can check such a list and get to know the work experience required for the same. You should also check the relevant skill assessment authority for the same.

For example, for the profile of an Electrical Engineer, the state of Victoria has listed a minimum work experience requirement of five years. If the occupation shown by you in your expression of interest is experiencing a shortage of labor, you are likely to be given a sponsorship or nomination to apply for that visa. The candidate’squalifications should be needed in a province which makes himeligible for nominationunder this visa class.

After getting selected under the australian visa subclass 190 by any state, a candidate has to reside there for a minimum two years.

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