Which Exams Should i Give for Australian and Canadian Immigration-IELTS or PTE

Which Exams Should i Give for Australian and Canadian Immigration-IELTS or PTE

Pearson Test of English (PTE) and International English Language Testing System (IELTS) are standard tests for obtaining Australia visas that are endorsed by Graduate Management Admission Council and British Council respectively. The examination that you are focusing on depends upon the country that you want to immigrate to.

This is because, both, Canada and Australia, provide excellent opportunities for living and working there. The government of the respective countries welcomes talented immigrants with open arms. Keeping these things in mind, you should consider which would provide more individual benefit to you.

For example, the Canadian government only accepts IELTS (General Training Tests) for prospective immigrants to get to this country. It’s the only valid exam for Canada immigration.

Talking about the exams, you need to clear at least one of these proficiency tests if you want to migrate to either of the above-mentioned countries. You must beat the test before you start getting your papers in order.

For those who are Australia bound:

You should focus on only the PTE academic. Australia immigration service accepts this test score; also it is the easier of the two to beat. All you need is to focus your efforts for a week and you can get through with flying colors. There are two variants of this test, namely, the PTE academic and the PTE General. Depending on the category you are filing for immigration under, one gets to choose which of the above mentioned will better suit your need.

One thing this article would like to point out at this point in time is the fact that taking PTE will limit your choice. This score is only accepted in Australia and not in Canada. The former of the two nations provide more flexibility in its language proficiency criterion.

It’s so easy to get the score required in the PTE academic exam for Australia PR. All you need to do is to score 50 each in all the bands.

Keeping your options open:

However, if you are yet undecided about the country that you want to move to, you should consider appearing for the IELTS. Though it is harder of the two but is accepted in more number of countries. Apart from applying for the Canada immigration visa, you will also be eligible for immigration in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. IELTS also conducts two version of its paper:

  • Academic module; and
  • General Training module.

Same as the former case, you get to decide which one you want to appear for depending on the nature of your reason for seeking immigration. For Canada immigration and Australia PR purposes, you need to appear for all the sections of this exam for the general training module of this test. However, for UK immigration, you can apply and sit in the papers for either the IELTS Academic or IELTS general trainingexams.

A note for the novices:

If you manage to beat the IELTS exam, it will automatically open the gates to both countries. Keeping your options open might help if any last minute adjustments are to be made. There is only a slight difference between the standards of the two and devoting a month’s time to the English language will help you come through.

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