Why every Punjabi is interested in immigrating to Australia?

Punjabis are impressed with the facilities available in Australia. In a census which happened in 2011, 57,000 people in Australia were of Indian origin.

 Australia has 3 visas which are valid for immigration here. These visas are the 189 visas, the 190 , and the 489 visas. The 189 visa requires a sum total of 65 points, without which you cant immigrate. The 190 visa allows someone to be chosen once because of his experience and education, he has been selected by the state authority to come here. 

Visas for migration to Australia

489 visa

The 489 visa is actually given to those who are nominated by a relative living here. This relative should nominate them for a 4-year stay in Australia. The concerned nominee should have experience in an occupation which is a part of the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills list.

186 visa

Employer sponsorship is provided as per the 186 visas. The 186 visa allows someone from Australia to select a foreigner for a job there. It does not have a points requirement and someone can get this visa based on the discretion of an Australian employer.

This visa provides you with employment and the PR of Australia. However, you must have 3 years experience for you to be shortlisted as per this visa. However, not all occupations need a skill assessment. The skill assessment is only usable for a 3 years time period. So, you must use this skill assessment for applying for this visa.

Regional Skilled Migration scheme (187 visas)

The Regional Skilled Migration Scheme visa allows immigration once you have lived in this country for 3 years and worked for an employer on the 457 visas or the TSS visa. The employer must be from regional Australia. If the employer still wishes to retain you after 3 years, you can get permanent immigration.  The employer needs to choose you and nominate you for the visa. Within 6 months of getting the nomination, the employee can apply for the 187 visas. The nominated applicants should be less than 45 years in age. This requirement is waived off for doctors who have worked for 2 out of 3 years in regional Australia. Their nomination has also happened for a position in Regional Australia.

How to use the study requirement for getting the 189 visas or the 190 visas?

Punjabis use the study requirement to get to this country. This study requirement implies that they have to study in Australia for some time before getting the 189 or the 190 visas. This study requirement implies that they must have studied in Australia for two years. However, this period of study must have been pursued at an institution which is a part of CRICOS list of institutions. So, students get 5 extra points if their degrees are pursued from regional Australia and 5 extra points i.e. 10 points if the education is done from a regional area. 5 more points i.e. 15 points can be awarded if the degree is a master’s degree.

Punjabis settled in Australia  

The Punjabis take a study visa to go to Australia, and then get the PR visa to immigrate to this country. A vast portion of the Punjabis in Australia live in greater Melbourne and Greater Sydney. So, almost 77% of the Punjabis living in Australia are settled in these areas. Rest of the population is situated in areas such as Greater Adelaide, Greater Brisbane, and Greater Perth. As a result, there are a huge number of gurudwaras in Melbourne and Sydney. All these Punjabis are well settled and the average income is 30,000 AUD.

Australian Sikh games

The maximum percentage of the Punjabi population of this country is between the age group of 20-34 which indicates how productive they are. The average Punjabi living here is aged 31. So, you have a higher possibility of immigrating to Australia when you are young. There is every facility for a Punjabi here. There are schools which teach in the Punjabi language. Some of the examples of such schools are Khalsa Punjabi School situated in Melbourne and Sikh Gurudawara Perth Punjabi school. There are also games held for the Sikhs to help them live in this country. The name of these games is the Australian Sikh Games. They are a part of the life of the Sikh population here. Apart from that, they are associated with a novel Australian town city or city every time. These games were commenced in 1988. Every time, a new state is chosen for these games. These games are going to be held in Melbourne in the year 2019. These games are going to be held for 3 days. The various countries which are participating in these games are New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

In2018, these games were held in Sydney.

Australians are also getting chances to participate in international games. So, Gurinder Singh Sandhu got a chance to be a part of the under-19 cricket team of this country. The Australian government is planning to bring down the number of immigrants invited each year to 1,60,000. This is done in order to reduce the infrastructure problems in this country. So, you must apply as soon as possible to get the PR visa for Australia.

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