Canada Immigration

Why is Immigration Necessary?

Immigrants, wherever they have gone, have added so much to their lives. So, there are various reasons why individuals decide to change their borders:

Economic reasons: The candidates move to a different country in the search for an alternative career path which is not possible in the home country. Economic migration – Moving to find work or follow a particular career path in a foreign country. If someone is not able to get a job in the home country, it’s better to move to a country such as US/Australia/Canada, which, are considered IT hubs. Since Canada encourages immigration for those, who have the first blood relatives living in this country. That’s why immigration to be with one’s family is also one of the reasons this process happens. Its called immigration due to social reasons.

Canada is also getting so many people to move here these days for settlement here because Canadians are known for their politeness. They will apologize whenever the need arises. They also extend help when you get lost in this country and don’t know how to find your route.

Social security payments

Canada has the highest respect for individuals. In fact, this country helps you to live. Every time you are in need of money, the country of Canada extends a helping hand to you. It could be after your child is born, or your job ceases to exist anymore. Canada also believes in the nourishment of its human resources. Therefore, free education is offered in kindergarten and school for students.

Push and pull factors for immigration

Apart from the pull factors which exist for someone immigrating to a country, there are also push factors which make someone emigrate from a country. These second category of factors can be described as those including emigration due to the dearth of services, dearth of safety and increasing crime.

The Canada Immigration process is also extending open hands to those who want to be here. There is no doubt that over the years Canada has made the system quite restricted to get those with experience and education here.

USA and Canada have been getting immigrants for a long time. In fact, the initial immigration to these countries started in the years, 1918-1919.

With the rules of the Canadian immigration system, having become less hassling for that desirable, immigration to this country has increased dramatically.

Express entry has increased the invites

The numbers of express entry invitations have also gone up. These invitations are due to the high determination of the government to get more individuals here. The government has lessened the time for receiving documents after getting the invitation, from 90 to 60 days which acts as an encouragement to Canadian immigration aspirants.

Therefore, this country has become an immigration dream.

Young immigrants going to Canada

The rules for immigration are now tilted in favor of those who have the experience in their field of education. In fact, even without the very high level of experience, there is scope for employment here.  Even people without post graduation degree but have useful experience, are getting Canada immigration approval.

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