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What will be the Impact of the Removal of the 457 Visa for the Students Who are Trying to Get Immigration to Australia?

The 457 visa was one visa which allowed one to get the, employment in Australia through employer sponsorship. It only allowed an employee to live here for 4 years. After this visa, the employee was appropriate to get the PR visa of Australia. This visa allowed for someone to get points for PR as per the experience he gained in Australia. Its because Australian government provides someone with 10 points for PR as per his experience of 3-4 years in this country.

Now, a new visa has been introduced under which someone looking for a job in this country can immigrate under state sponsorship. This visa has changed conditions for the prospective immigrants because unlike visa 457, they should be working at the time when the visa is given to them. There are various categories as per which a visa applicant for the 489 visa can be given a visa:

Invited pathway

As per this stream, you are only entitled to get the visa once you have the invitation to come to Australia either from a relative or your occupation is in demand in this country due to which a state is likely to extend an invitation to you. This kind of invitation is also possible by a state once you have a job offer for a highly demanded occupation. In case, a state nomination is given to you, its only valid for residence and work in a low growth area of the state.

Extended stay

As per this stream, the candidate is entitled to get the visa, once he has the right kind of requirements:

He should have previously lived and worked in Australia, for two years, before applying for the visa. The candidates fulfill the condition of holding residence in this country on any of the visas listed below:

Visa 475: This visa, now abolished if held by someone and allowed him/her to be in this country for 4 years because of employer sponsorship.

Visa 487(regional sponsored visa): You are entitled to the residence on this visa for 3 years if you have pursued some education from this country.

Visa 495(Skilled Independent regional visa): Your occupation is on the job lists facing dearth of labor i.e. it is on the Skilled occupation list of a  state and that’s why you have been nominated by a state for residence there.

Visa 496(designated area sponsored provisional visa)

Subsequent entry

Someone from your family is already living in Australia, on any of the above-listed visa classes. So, this visa is for those, who have relatives residing in this country. The relative can be a partner also.

So, the main difference between the 457 visa and the 489 visas is that the former allows you to be in this country for 4 years because your employer is ready to provide you with sponsorship for residence here for 4 years.

But for 489 only state sponsorship can make you eligible for the visa, and that too in an area where population growth is not much, however, the duration of residence is the same i.e. 4 years for both these visas.

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