Is It Wise to Apply for Australia Pr If One Does Not Have Any International Experience?

It’s true that you can get a skilled independent visa Australia without having any international work experience.

The candidate just needs to have experience in a profile mentioned in the combined current list of eligible occupations. All these profiles have the code 189(PT) written against them. The experience of a candidate in such relevant occupations even if gained outside Australia, should be of the relevant number of years. The years of employment outside Australia should not be less than 3 years and can be 8 years or more. This much experience is required to score points for your work done in a local country under the visa category of 189 visa. The candidate who is looking for Australia PR under this skilled visa Australia category can get 5 points for 3 years of experience and 15 for 8 and higher years of experience.

Apart from proving your work experience with relevant documents, the next step is to get this work experience assessed. A proper skill assessment is necessary, and you can know about the relevant skill evaluation agency through the department of immigration and border protection website. The skill evaluation agency should be contacted to get all the relevant information about getting the skills measured. They also submit the relevant forms to the immigration candidate.

Now, it’s important to know that 60 points are required for getting Australia PR under visa 189. So, for getting a higher number of points for the age, the candidate should not be more than 45 years old at the time of sending his application. Candidates can also get points for their age. Candidates who are aged between 25-32 years get the maximum points of 30. Age groups of 18-24 and 33-39 also get higher points of 25 each respectively.

Apart from skilled work experience, points are also earned for the language proficiency of a candidate. If he gets more than 7 or a higher score in all the bands of IELTS, he can score 10 or more points for that. The candidate can also make up for his lack of Australian work experience through his education.

A candidate who holds a doctorate degree from his native country can get maximum points of 20 and for a candidate who is a graduate and seeking Australia PR, 15 points are awarded.

Another way to reach Australia without having international work experience is to get employee nomination which is possible under visa class 190. The skills of the spouse also matter in making you eligible for Australia PR.If the spouse is able to prove competent English language skills, is not 50 years old, and is able to meet the assessment levels required for a certain, occupation, you can earn 5 more points under 189 visa category.

At Nile Migration, our counselors assess your case from the beginning and help you in preparation of the EOI(Expression of interest)/application for visa 189 which is required for getting Australia PR. So, you don’t need to worry whether you will be able to get permanent residency Australia without foreign work experience.

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