What Work Permit Should I Apply for to Work as a Caregiver in Canada?

The candidate needs to get a regular work permit if he is applying for the caregiver for the 1st time. Without, this permit, he/she cant work for a work permit in this country. To get this work permit, you need to get the labor market impact assessment done for you.

The employer also needs to show proof that the accommodation in which the caregiver is going to live as is as per the prescribed standards. It’s also not mandatory for the caregiver to reside in the house of the employer. He can also reside in his own house if he wants to. As per this work permit, an employer has to work for a particular employer during the time he is in Canada.

When is an open work permit available to a caregiver?

An open work permit is also applicable for a caregiver. The caregiver can work for any kind of employer as per this work permit. This open work permit can only be given to a caregiver once he is already residing in Canada as a live-in caregiver. So, if he wants to alter the conditions as per which he is employed, he can apply for the open work permit. The applicants for such open work permits should have, already been in Canada for 2-4 years as a live-in caregiver on a regular work permit.

Documents required for the issuance of a work permit to a caregiver

• The employer needs to show an employment contract and an LMIA for getting approval. You need to submit the form IMM 1295. Another form called IMM5645 is required in case you have more members accompanying you. The valid passport is also required for everyone who is accompanying the caregiver. After the LMIA is done by the employer for you, he has an LMO document issued. The employer also needs to provide income tax notice of assessment(NOA) for the last two years preceding the caregiver’s application for the work permit. This NOA should be provided by the employer to you.
• This document needs to be submitted with the form IMM 1295.
• This also includes the academic documents from the side of the caregiver also. These academic documents need to be detailed including the documents right from the time a candidate cleared his 12th standard exams. The caregiver also needs to provide a police clearance certificate from the country in which he/she resides.
• The passport also needs to be legitimate for the time his work permit visa is going to be valid.
• The work experience is also required for the last 1 year to be eligible for such work permit. The employee also needs to show that out of this 1-year experience, 6 months of experience is in the profile in which you have received a Canadian job offer.
• The caregiver can also include the reference letter which has been provided to him by all his preceding employers. The salaries for which you worked for your past employers also need to be included, along with your job duties in your past jobs.
• The caregiver needs to provide his own photographs which are actually passport size.

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