Working Holiday Visa to Canada

“After being in captivity for so long, I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it feels to be home in Canada.”

This is how philanthropist and humanitarian Amanda Lindhout described her return to Canada and if you take a look at the picturesque sceneries and the impressive statistics, you would come to the same conclusion that this country is indeed wonderful!

There are various sides to the same coin and you might think that anyone can be misleading at the first glance. Canada might very well be worth immigrating to, if you want a better life, but there is always a chance of the pretty picture just being an illusion. And we do not entirely dismiss your doubts because seeing is believing.

In the case of cars, there are test drives, where you not only see the car closely; you get to experience what driving it must feel like. The reason for mentioning this seemingly bizarre analogy is that there is a program which allows you to live and experience the Canadian life for a short while. Since it is longer than a small tourist trip with family, you get to know the country much more intimately and visit more places than a normal tourist can, all the while working under a Canadian employer. But at the same time, since this is temporary, you can return to your home if you feel the environment unsuitable for you or if you get nostalgic.

This option is available to young people between the ages of 18 and 30, for the citizens of a select list of countries who have signed agreements with Canada and if this idea interests you then you need to find out if your country is listed there or not.

This sounds like a perfect arrangement for young people who love to travel and are dying to explore the world in detail, but like all good things, it comes at a price. And this price is a working holiday visa also known as the IEC (International Experience Canada) visa

Getting a working holiday visa is not as much fun as the title sounds and in case you make any error while filling in your application, it could cost you both time and money. Additionally, another type of IEC called Young Professionals requires a signed employment offer letter from a Canadian employer. This requires both time and effort. And lastly, when you’re planning a working holiday visa, you cannot worry about working all the time, you have to make travel plans as well!

All of this can be very difficult to accomplish along with applying for the visa and that is where you can use some help. There are institutions which can assist you with your visa application so that all you need to do is work out the fun part – deciding which job you would like to do in the new country and all the places which you would like to visit, while you leave the paperwork to the professionals.

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