Canada working holiday visa for Australian

Working holiday visa- from Australia to Canada

Today world is experiencing a great amount of travel rush, with a larger no. people willing to travel abroad. There are several reasons while one pursue to move abroad, there might be a reason for one searching for employment or for studying or may be particularly for travel purpose. Whatever may be the case, we are seeing quite a larger no. of people finding their way out to travel abroad. Moreover, from last a few decades there has been quite a trend of people taking up employment in order to make more money, and a good no. of increase in students who travel abroad to study.

Now this has given boost to a form of visa known as working holiday visa. It could be explained as a residence permit, which allow traveller to take employment, and sometime for study into the country who issue visa to fill their travel fund. For most of the people and mostly young people, acquiring a working visa is a best chance for them to experience a life of a foreign country and not even have to come around the usual expense of expensive university programmes

Restriction on this type of visa

  • This type of visa focuses on young people and thus have a age restriction of 18 to 35 years.
  • there is always a limit according to the type of employment you are indulged in on the basis of which you are allowed to stay

Now when you talk about Canada working holiday visa for Australian, you are actually considering two countries who are some of the most prominent destination as per the current scenario. Australia is a well-developed nation with quite a good reputation and there is quite a specific process that is followed for Canada working holiday visa for Australia, which includes following process.

Visa application

From your bank accounts, to your insurance no. to your medical check certificate, you will need all these. Moreover, there would be a Canadian orientation session that would be organised for you. There is also some eligibility requirement that one need to pass through, for an Australian applicant it includea passport that is a basic need, moreover you should have a clean image with no criminal record. In addition, one should have a minimum amount of CAD2500$ in order to support your living for the first three months of your arrival. That is a very important term, which is very much required in order to make sure that one shifting to Canada does not turns out to be a beggar and have plenty to spend for first few months. The processing time of this visa is almost 8 to 10 weeks and once you are granted a visa you are allowed there for 24 months after that you can convert your visa into any other form of visa.

Thus, these are the steps that an Australian has to follow for getting a Canadian working holiday visa and become eligible to work and carry on in Canada.

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