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Is a Working Holiday Visa a Good Way to Travel?

Canada is a country of hypnotizing beauty. Everyone wants to go here. There are also a lot of short-term jobs available here which can be pursued after getting a Canada visa. There are contractual jobs available here which include a job as a Technical Support Analyst and Receptionist. You can apply for such jobs, if you are eligible for the Working Holiday category of this Canada visa, as soon as you get an invitation to apply for this visa.

The Canadian Working Holiday visa is the easiest-to-get visa. This visa offers the maximum privilege to the candidate and is like a work permit except that it is available in the two categories of an open work permit and a closed one. In the former category(working holiday), you can ­work in Canada for anybody you want and for any duration. Under the latter category(international co-op and working holiday) however, its important to work for a specific employer only for the duration of the visa.

The candidates from the country of Australia are admissible to all the three categories which are relevant under this pool. These categories are Young Professionals, InternationalCo-Op and Working Holiday.

There are draws which are relevant to pools of candidates from specific countries and specific categories. If you are part of a pool, then you will get an ITA to apply for the concerned category of the pool as and when the draw happens.

Its important for the candidate to know about when the application time for the Canadian Working Holiday visa of his country will start. This information can be gained from the website.

These are the specific requirements which have to be met by anyone to get the Working Holiday Canada visa:

  • Its important for the candidate’s age to be not more than 30 and less than 18 at the time of applying for any category of this visa.
  • For all the three categories of this visa, it’s important to show CAD 2,500 in your account, to be able to prove your financial caliber for your trip.
  • The candidates should also have health insurance and a proof of this is required to be shown after they have received an ITA.

Specific Requirements for the Australia citizens for this visa:

  • A police certificate is mandatory for the citizens of Australia
  • A citizen of Australia can stay in Canada for two years as per the Working Holiday and Young Professionals streams of this visa. However, if a candidate has stayed in Australia for 1 year prior to 2015 under the International Co-Op category, he can stay for a period of 1 year more.
  • Under the all the three categories of this Canada visa, a candidate can get this visa two times. The first time, he can go for 24 months to Canada under the Working Holiday or Young Professionals streams of this visa. The second time, he can go for 12 months on the international co-op category of this visa.

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