working holiday visa to Canada

What to do with a working visa Canada for Australian citizens?

The working visa Canada for Australian citizens is available when for you to work, search for jobs/do jobs while you are in this country. This visa is one of the privileges extended to Australians by Canada. So, what you can do in Canada besides looking for jobs or being a part of one?

Visit the Niagara Falls

Visit the astonishing Canadian Falls with a height of 170 feet with the Working Holiday Visa Canada for Australians. You will be mesmerized to see the heavy volume of water(168,000 m3)  which falls in the Horseshoe Falls. Niagara River which actually forms the Falls is a sight in itself. You can have motorboat rides in this river, which has a length of 58 km. Book these rides in the Niagara River and enjoy the rapidly flowing water.

Although there are other waterfalls which have a height more than the Niagara Falls, you must visit Niagara falls because they have a huge volume of water falling in them. This huge volume of water is nothing less than 7,50,000 gallons every second.

See the Spirit Island

A visit to the Spirit Island is also necessary. It’s one of the smallest islands.

Located in the Maligna lake, you can easily visit this island by staring at the translucent green water en route. Winters are not meant for these rides because then the temperature is -50 degrees at that time.

Be on the EdgeWalk

You also need to be a part of the Canadian Adventure called the EdgeWalk. This rare-to-find adventure allows you to walk on a ledge, 5 foot in width. You can walk on the ledge with a harness tied to your waist.


Enjoy the Canadian food

The Canadian food is also known for its taste. So, you can enjoy dishes such Poutine here. A delicacy of Quebec, this dish consists of cheese curds and French fries and brown gravy on the top of this dish. If you want to have a taste of the real “Poutine”, it’s best to visit Montréal, which is the capital of Quebec. Beavertails is one of my favorite dishes to gorge on when you visit Canada. These are dough-pastries which consist of various toppings including whipped cream and banana slices. You can have these delightful Beavertails along with the Caesar Cocktails, which are another Canadian delicacy. This drink consists of vodka, Worcestershire sauce Clamato( which is a mixture of clam juice and tomato juice).

You can also enjoy Pierogies which are like momos are also delectable food items of this country.

Filled with cheese and potato, they are ideally served with butter and cream to leave a tangy taste in your mouth after eating them.

Unlike other visas, Working Holiday Visa Canada for Australians has draws happening throughout the year. You can sit back and relax after you have filed the visa application and waiting for the draw to happen. However, you can only file the correct application after getting help from an immigration consultant. You must know that you must wait for 8 weeks for your application to get approved. This is the least time required for the approval of your application depending on whether you have given your documents or not. In the absence of correct documents, the application can also be refused and you get a letter of explanation in that case. A port of entry letter is given in case the application is approved.


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