Germany job seeker visa

Is It Worth It to Go to Germany from India, on a Job Seeker Visa?

Germany is one of the countries experiencing an extremely high growth rate. The country also offers an excellent education which is free. The graduation courses are provided free of cost here in all the 16 states of Germany since 2014. Since Germany has headquarters of renowned automobile majors like Siemens, BMW, and Porsche, it’s always looking out for employees who can be a part of its companies. It has also introduced a Germany job seeker visa to make sure people can come here easily and look for work. This visa is a residency permit but only valid for a short duration of 6 months. If you are able to get a job during these 6 months you can apply for a work permit. Germany is also a safe country to be a part of.

A Germany job seeker visa has the following things expected from a candidate

  • He must have an educational degree which is assessed by the ZAB. Then he must have the experience to successfully get a job in this country. For him to get such a job, it’s important to have sufficient experience from his educational field only.
  • At the time of making a visa application, he should have funds which are enough for his residence here. At no time, he should be taking help from the government.
  • He should medical insurance so that no problems are caused to him in case of any medical emergency.

              With all these requirements met, it’s not tough for him to get the visa. There are several benefits of going to Germany on a Germany job seeker visa to look for work in this country:

  • Easier to get employment inside Germany: This country can easily provide employment to those who have pursued education either in engineering, mathematics, technology or science backgrounds. Since so many industries are there which deal with engineering and manufacturing of cars, 6 months is a long time to find employment. However, German is needed to pass in the interviews, otherwise, you to have to let go of many jobs.
  • Easier to arrange accommodation: The reason why one has to be in Germany to get a job is that, employers prefer someone with a residence here. This is the reason why after getting a job through a Skype interview, it’s important to get a residence on a Germany job seeker visa. Also, you get to learn the language well when you are for 6 months here. The employers do get irritated when someone gets an EU blue card, on the basis of a job here, but can’t cope with the culture and makes frequent visits to the foreigner’s offices i.e. the Ausländerbehörde in this country.
  • Get acquainted with the country: When you spend time in Germany on the job seeker visa, you get to know about the ways of this country. This makes it possible for you to make up your mind about whether you want to be here for the rest of your life or not by getting PR.

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